Simple Ideas Projects is a 100% black owned construction company that specialises in all forms of building  construction works. We offer professional and quality services because we know that there is no better advertisement than a satisfied client.




We strive to bring change and growth to the communities in which we operate. The passing down of skills and development is key in ensuring that transformation is achieved whilst assisting our clients achieve their set targets.




We seek to:


  • establish a positive reputation by building a strong internal structure, giving small businesses an opportunity to gain further experience
  • remain focused in controlling organisational growth and recognising those who contribute to it
  • develop an effective management that emphasises productivity,perpetual development of the organisation and instills work ethics in all personnel 
  • conduct ourselves internally as an organisation, externally as a company and as an on-going active member of the local community
  • ensure sustainability through quality work, high performance and conducting business with integrity
  • adapt to meet the changing needs of delivering a quality service with qualified individuals for our clients




  • painting
  • plumbing
  • raft foundation
  • roof waterproofing
  • building construction
  • generator installation
  • electrical installation




Simple Ideas Projects' expertise spans the below areas in both public and private sectors:


  • healthcare
  • residential
  • educational
  • renovations and alterations
  • low-cost and government housing